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Join us as we ring in Christmas with new (and classic) seasonal tunes from some of your favorite Crossroad artists such as Demon Hunter, Emery, Hawk Nelson, Thousand Foot Krutch, Seventh Day Slumber, And Then There Were None, Me In Motion, Seabird, Ivoryline, and others. 

But don't worry about your current XR tracks.  We're not going to a completely Christmas format, which would make for a very short show.  We're still bringing you all the best in non-Christmas rock, rap, and everything in between.  The Christmas tracks will just be peppered in the mix.

So let's get the Christmas season rolling!  Deck those halls, get run over by some reindeer, stick a corn cob pipe in Frosty's mouth and settle in as the friendly elves at Crossroad Radio (Friday night) and Crossroad Light (Saturday night) spread a little holiday cheer by reminding you of Christ, the reason we even celebrate Christmas at all, with some really cool music.

Oh and, by the way, we haven't forgotten - Happy Thanksgiving!


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