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Children 18:3 - "Oh Bravo"
Demon Hunter - "The Wind"
Ember - "Give A Little"
Flyleaf - "Arise"
Grits - "Do It Again"
Hawk Nelson - "Crazy Love"
Hope Kills Fear - "Save Me"
House Of Heroes - "God Save The Foolish Kings"
I Am Empire - "Brain Damage"
LeCrae feat. Pro - "New Shalom"
Manafest - "No Plan B"
Pettidee - "Look Around"
Queens Club - "Lydia"
Runaway City - "Daybreak"
Sent By Ravens - "New Fire"
Sho Baraka feat. Trip Lee & Erica Gumbo - "The Rising"
Shonlock - "Something In Your Eyes"
Since October - "Life, Scars, Apologies"
Skillet - "Forgiven"
The Classic Crime - "A Perfect Voice"
Trip Lee - "No Worries"
Write This Down "Hand Grenades"
Young Joshua - "Where You At"


A New Monday - "Modern Day"
Anberlin - "Impossible"
Battlelion - "Kissing Lonely Goodbye"
Chasen - "One In A Million"
Echoing Angels - "Say What You Believe"
Ember - "Embrace"
Fair - "One Last Time"
Fireflight - "What I've Overcome"
Flatfoot 56 - "Shiny Eyes"
ForthAngel - "Believe"
Future Of Forestry - "Protection"
Group 1 Crew - "Walking On The Stars"
Jaymes Reunion - "Let It Shine"
Jimmy Needham feat. Trip Lee - "Grace Amazing"
John Mark McMillan - "The Medicine"
Lybecker - "For Who You Are"
NeedToBreathe - "The Outsiders (Live)"
Newsboys - "Way Beyond Myself"
Number One Gun - "Try It"
Owl City - "In Christ Alone"
Petree - "Stars Tipped Over"
Revive - "Almost Missed This Moment"
Robert Randolph & The Family Band - "Back To The Wall"
Ryan Stevenson - "Yesterday, Today, Forever"
Sanctus Real - "Take Over Me"
Shake The Nation - "The Anthem"
Sleep For Sleepers - "Of What I Have, Let It Be Enough"
Starflyer 59 - "I Had A Song For The Ages"
The Museum - "Never Look Away"
The Rocket Summer - "Light"

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