XR and XR Light Playlist - Week ending 9/19

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Abandon Kansas - "I Wonder If It's Me"
All Star United - "Surface Of The Sun"
DA T.R.U.T.H. - "U Ready?"
Decyfer Down - "Desperate"
Dreampilots - "Comedown"
Echoes The Fall - "Break Away"
Everyday Sunday - "Breathing For Me"
Flyleaf - "Again"
Flynn Adam - "Dishes"
FM Static - "Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook"
Hawk Nelson - "Alive"
I'm OK You're OK - "Stories Of Redemption"
KJ-52 - "End Of My Rope"
Lecrae - "I'm A Saint"
Nine Lashes - "Words Of Red"
Old Man Shattered - "Stories"
Pillar - "Fire On The Inside"
Red - "Mystery Of You"
Red Umbrella - "Forest Fire"
Showbread - "Vehement"
Skillet - "Hero"
The Birdsongs - "Pieces (Hold On)"
This Beautiful Republic - "My God"
Thousand Foot Krutch - "Bring Me To Life"
Trip Lee - "Inexhaustable"

XR Light

Abandon - "Be Alive In Me"
Between The Trees - "We Can Try"
Disciple - "Lay My Burdens"
Future Of Forestry - "This Hour"
Hawk Nelson - "Meaning Of Life"
Philmont - "Another Name"
Pillar - "Secrets And Regrets"
Plumb - "God-Shaped Hole"
Relient K - "Forget And Not Slow Down"
Remedy Drive - "Something Made To Last"
Revive - "Can't Change Yesterday"
Ruth - "Rolling With The Punches"
Stryper - "I Believe"
The Glorious Unseen - "Heavy Hearted"
The Letter Black - "Best Of Me"

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