Pillar on tonight's XR! And a few random other things...

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 8:52 AM

Pillar's Rob Beckley joins Martin and me tonight for an interview about the band's brand new, just-released CD "Confessions." Tune in at 10pm for your chance to win a copy and to hear from Rob. www.myspace.com/pillar.

Webcam will be up so click on the ustream link to view the show live and participate in interactive chat with us and other listeners.

We have some great new music to share with you tonight. I could tell you about it here but what fun would that be? I like building up the anticipation!

Starting next week, both Crossroad Radio (Fridays at 10pm) and Crossroad Light (Saturdays at 9pm) will be broadcasting live from the Gazebo at the Dixie Classic Fair. I always love doing the show from the Fair. I think it has some sentimental value for me since my first show was there three years ago. Can't wait to see what new candy they've learned to deep fry within the past year. Last year, it was Reese's Cups. Can we possibly hope for a Heath bar this year?

More importantly than the deep fried stuff though, we get the chance to hang out with you and to share the word of God through our words and the music we play in a setting where a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise hear it are going to be around. Pray that XR (and WBFJ) shines the light of Christ at the Fair and that God uses us to speak into the lives of those who come by the Gazebo to talk or just to hang out.

God bless,

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