XR Radio - Top Songs of 2008!

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Welcome to a full list of the Crossroad Radio picks for 2008.  This was another year of great music and so the decisions were tough.  So with out further hesitation here is your XR top music of 2008!

Top 10 of 2008
1) Relient K - Devastation & Reform
2) Disciple - Love Hate
3) Run Kid Run - Sure Shot
4) Children 18:3 - You Know We're All So Fond of Dying
5) Fireflight - The Hunger
6) Anberlin - Hello Alone
7) Project 86 - Molotov
8) Hawk Nelson - You Have What I Need
9) Falling Up - Goodnight Gravity
10) Superchick - Hey Hey

Top 5 XR Albums of 2008 (Deke & Dave picks)
The Afters - Never Going Back To OK
Lecrae - Rebel
Kutless - To Know That You're Alive
Run Kid Run - Love at the Core
Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson is my Friend

XR Listeners Choice Award Winners
Top Song: Relient K - Devastation & Reform
Top Album: The Afters - Never Going Back To OK
Top New Artist: Addison Road

Top 3 Crossroad Light Songs
1) Pillar - Smiling Down
2) Hawk Nelson - Arms Around Me
3) Fireflight - Brand New Day

Deke's Pics
Top Album: Run Kid Run - Love at the Core
Top New Artist: Capital Lights

Dave's Pics
Top Album: The Afters - Never Going Back To OK
Top New Artist: Children 18:3

Misc. Mentions
Best "anti-party" song: Emery - The Party Song
Most controversial song: Family force 5 - Fever
Hardest lyrics to memorize: Capital Lights
Scariest looking band members: Children 18:3
Best use of furniture in a band name: Mikeschair & Two Empty Chairs
Off-Timing Award: GRITS - Beautiful Morning
The "Thriller Award" (milking the most from an album): Red - End of Silence
Top label name: Mad Monkey Records
Song that makes the best use of the word "la": POD - Shine With Me
Top countdown songs of 2008: Manafest - 4321 & Disciple - 321
Top dance track: Krystal Meyers - Shine

Comments (2)

Kutless "To Know We're All So Fond of Dying"? lol, is that some new cd that I haven't heard of yet? Great picks for the most part...except for The Afters... how did they get number 1 cd???

Thanks for the awesome proofreading skills Jeremy...though that CD would probably be pretty good combining Kutless and Children 18:3.

The Afters got #1 because that is what the people voted for. It was a great CD (though more XR Light than Crossroad).

Thanks for joining us on webcam last week. God bless!