Deke's & Dave's Beat of the Week - Anberlin "New Surrender"

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This week Dave and I once again share a common beat of the week with the latest release from Anberlin, "New Surrender".

We were both pretty apprehensive about this new CD because it was on a new mainstream label and Anberlin is not really known for their strong Biblical lyrics.  So when I get a call from Dave saying I have to hear the new Anblerlin - I was pleasantly shocked.

MUSIC:  First of we will hit the sound of this new CD.  Everything you love about Anberlin is here.  From the catchy guitar riffs to the great vocals, all of it is classic Anberlin.  In fact, they even rereleased one of my favorite songs from Don't Take Friendship Personally (my favorite of their CD's) - Feel Good Drag.  This song seems to speak about one man's battle with sin (mainly lust).  And that leads me to the lyrics found in New Surrender.

LYRICS:  While this CD is not going to rival Lacrae in theological lyrics and Jesus' name is not mentioned (sadly) there seems to be more spiritual connotations in this CD than in past ones.  Let's take Feel Good Drag for instance.  After writing about giving in to sin and asking the question, was it over before it ever began, we hear this:

I'm tired of who I am
You were my greatest mistake
I fell in love with your sin 
your littlest sin.  

The whole song almost could mirror many of the truths found in Proverbs 6:20-35 about the adulterous woman.  Another surprise in this Anberlin basket of goodies was the song Misearbile Visu (Ex Malo Bonum) which appears to be about the second coming of Christ.

Before the red priest took his last breath
He told me, "Child, now don't forget
The sun will turn dark very soon
Your days are numbered when there's blood on the moon

"The earth will shake and the sky will fall
The eyes will open of those involved
Don't take this son, but you'll be killed
By the man from seven hills"

Too bad there is no call for repentance at the end of this song, but we'll take what we can get.  There are several others on this CD that I could mention but I will leave at that.  You can check out the full lyrics here.

BOTTOM LINE:  Anberlin puts out another strong album featuring their unique and very well produced sound along with more relational lyrics and a few that seem to be plucked from scriptural truths.  If you enjoy Anberlin you will love this CD.  If you want a great CD to bob your head to this is also a great pic.  Hopefully the band will continue what seems to be a positive turn lyrically.  

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