Deke's Beat of the Week - Red "Innocence & Instinct"

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 1:45 PM

This week my beat of the week is ahead of it's time...because you can't get it in stores till 2009.  It's the brand new album Red, Innocence and Instinct.  

As I clicked play on my iPod I sat back in anticipation of what Red was about to bring.  You see, their first CD, End of Silence, hit charts with a bang and didn't let up until it seemed every single on the album had been released (and we didn't complain one bit).  Since the sophomore release is usually do or die I was curious if they would stick to what they know or if they would change things up a bit. 

So as I listened to the first few seconds of this new album I became VERY excited.

The new album is everything Red debut with but with more depth to their music and lyrics.  In fact, it sounds like they took a cue from Skillet's Comatose and added some strings and orchestra ambience to several tracks.  To top that off the CD's lyrics are a poetic fight between our flesh and our spirit (thus the title).  

BOTTOM LINE:  This CD rocks in every way imaginable.  I have listened through it several times since getting a copy and think that we may be seeing a repeat of End of Silence.  I'll make a space for red for the next couple years...they'll be on there for quite sometime.

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