THIS is Christianity

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This week I was struck with a wonderful thought from an unlikely place.

It has been a lot of fun to be part of our children’s ministry at church. I get to act as everything from pirates to Bible characters all in an effort to portray Biblical truth to children. To say it is fun is an understatement. The past couple weeks we have been doing a series with Captain Jack Spirit who has lost his heart to sin. He is a grumpy pirate with a prideful arrogance, a harsh tone and a great guacamole recipe. The journey continued this past week as he was visited by a strange man who told him his sinful pride was holding his heart captive.

I write all this because I am in the process of writing the final segment of this epic tale and as I look towards next week where the end goal is redemption I think of my own life. A life that was steeped in sin and depravity. A life that was filled with pride, lust, anger, malice, blasphemy and every other evil. This was my heart...and it was indeed trapped by sin.As I was brain storming the conclusion with Captain Jack I saw a battle...not between him and another pirate or him and a giant sea horse but rather a battle between Jack and Jack. Like all of us we must face our sins and see them for what they are. They are evil and they have caused us to be enemies of God through our wicked works. I remember facing my sins square in the face that cool summer evening at church camp. It was there that I was faced with a question:

"Die to myself and receive the free gift of eternal life or cling to my pride and suffer the wrath of God."

Put in that's pretty obvious what the correct response is...BUT it's never that easy. That is why Christ said that narrow is the gate to eternal life and few will find it. It may seem like a no-brainer but pride dies hard and only the Holy Spirit can break it. Bottom line: We MUST die to ourselves. Repent from the sins we hold onto and the love of self that is in us since birth and trust in the one who died to take our punishment for our sins. This is the choice Captain Jack will make this week...this is the choice you must make if you have yet. There is no neutrality here. There is no ignoring this decision.

God's amazing love and grace is enough to wipe away the grossest of sins. He will make the murderer white as snow. He will scrub clean the thief and the adulterer. He will save ANYONE no matter the past. This is the glorious news of the Gospel. THIS is Christianity.

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