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This week I take a trip back to 2005.  To one of my favorite CD's of that year and one I have listened to many times since.

Anberlin's, Don't Take Friendship Personally, is not only a CD with a very odd name but includes some killer tracks like Paperthin Hymn, Time & Confusion and one of my favorites Audrey, Start the Revolution (all of which we have played on Crossroad).  It also includes a song that has been rereleased on their latest CD, The Feel Good Drag.

Lyrically the songs are not spiritually deep but there are a several that ring with truth.  This is basically a CD about relationships (duh...I mean look at the CD title).

BOTTOM LINE: If you want some high energy (and a few mellow) songs that speaks to relationship issues - this is your album.  If you want songs to get stuck in your head and cause you to drive a little'll find them here.  If you're looking for deep theological discussion about dealing with interpersonal may need to look elsewhere. Either way, you will enjoy this album which is personally my favorite of Anberlin's collection (though I am curious about their latest release).

For more on Anberlin you can check out their website -  

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