Deke's Beat of the Week - KJ-52 "Missing Pages"

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Keeping on the hip hop thing - my beat of the week this week is my main man KJ-52.

KJ's latest CD is actually a rerelease with a new release (confused yet?).  

If you never got around to picking up his last release, The Yearbook, the you are in for a treat because now you can get The Yearbook and included with it are 13 brand new tracks (and some remixes) called Missing Pages.  

Since the newest material is from Missing Pages that is where I will spend my time on this post.

First off let me say that I have been a KJ lover since I picked up his CD Collaboration  many moons ago.  His quick wit and sense of humor plus his spot on lyrics had me at first listen.  In fact, it was that CD where he wrote the song to Eminem called Dear Slim...and that leads me to his latest CD.

His latest CD is both part remix and part not remix (understand?).  In his songs Pump That, Push Up and Do Yo Thang KJ both musically and lyrically changes things around so that the song you heard on The Yearbook is not the same you hear on missing pages.

Along with that KJ brings his humor into the mix with songs like Stuck in the 80's andStarbucks Takes All My Money which is very close to my heart (though it's more Espresso Doctor takes all my money).  These songs show KJ's very funny side and willingness to poke fun at himself.  We also get a glimpse into a dark point in his life on I Almost Got Shot (One Single Night) can guess what it's about.  Of course whether KJ is being funny or serious he ALWAYS brings it back around to Jesus.  This makes KJ a winner in my book...

...but...I do have one critique.

Since I have pretty much listened to all of KJ's stuff I am very familiar with his sound...and that is just doesn't change much.  He seems to like a couple different beats and runs with them.  I guess if you do something well..stick to it BUT after listening to Lecrae, Shai Linne and other talented rap artists I am left wondering if he couldn't change it up a little bit.  That's just my thoughts.

BOTTOM LINE:  I always enjoy Kj-52 and have enjoyed listening to his Missing Pages.  That said I look forward to some growth in the future.  My advice...keep the lyrics and mix up the mix (that from a rap challenged guy from the suburbs).

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