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This week we will be welcoming a talented writer and my (Deke) favorite author of all time to Crossroad Radio.

Ted Dekker

He is author of several great books:

I have read them all (and some a couple times) and while I love some more than others (The Circle Trilogy is a must read) I have not read anything of his I did not like.  His ability to bring the spiritual into the physical and to open our understanding of biblical principles and truths through his writing is a gift.  

This week we will be talking to Ted about his (and Frank Peretti's) latest jump to the big screen with the movie House.  This is the first Christian horror book I had ever read and (to be honest) was a little apprehensive.  Both Dekker and Peretti try to bring out the darkness of sin and man's condition in order to contrast the light of Christ (this is a common theme in Dekker books).  This book was met with controversy, therefore this movie is going to be chock full of it...especially the R rating (you can read my first post here).

So I hope you will join us this week as we dive into the very complex mind of Ted Dekker and talk to him about the movie and the R-rating.

We also want to get your opinion.  Answer the poll to the right and then leave a comment telling us why or why not you would attend this movie.  You are also welcome to leave any other thoughts on the issue.  We will be discussing this this Friday and may read some comments on air.  You can join us on the air or on webcam too.  

It's going to be an awesome night.

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