DAVE BUMGARNER'S TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2011 (not XR exclusive)!

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I've heard rumblings coming from several camps (magazines, websites, media outlets, etc.) that 2011 was  a down year for music.  Let it never be spoken again!  I'm a firm believer that there's always enough good stuff for him who has ears to hear.

And here are the 10 albums that perked my ears up the most:

1.  Switchfoot - "Vice Verses"
     Hard to say that there's a definitive "best Switchfoot album" but this one's quite possibly it.

2.  John Mark McMillan - "Economy"
     Troubador style Americana worship from one of the best lyricists you're ever going to hear.

3.  Thrice - "Major/Minor"
      Quite possibly their swan song (say it ain't so, guys).  If so, they've gone out with a not so subtle bang. 

4.  Burlap To Cashmere - "S/T"
     Who comes back this strong after a 12 year hiatus?  These guys, that's who!  Stronger actually.

5.  Shawn McDonald - "Closer"
     I've been a fence sitter on the subject of Shawn McDonald for a few years.  "Closer" made me choose a side.

6.  Eisley - "The Valley"
     Gut wrenching at times, Eisley delivers a Psalm-like masterpiece on heartbreak and restoration.

7.  Needtobreathe - "The Reckoning"
     Can we officially call them alt-country now?  Not quite.  There's still quite a rock and roll punch going on with the boys from Possum Kingdom, SC.

8.  The Ambassador - "Stop The Funeral"
     It's a public confession of sin, repentance and grace wrapped up in a hip-hop musical feast.

9.  Owl City - "All Things Bright And Beautiful"
     If you can listen all the way through this without a smile crossing your lips, seek help immediately. 

10.  Blindside - "With Shivering Hearts We Wait"
       A fitting title for any Blindside fan holding their breath during the band's 5 year absence.  Exhale.

So there you have my own personal recommendations for the 10 best stocking stuffers you can find for the music fans you know and love.  Or get them for yourself.  You have a stocking too, you know?

As always, I welcome your comments on my list.  You're also free to share your own in the comment section!  I look forward to hearing what music God has been blessing you through this year.

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This was definitely an outstanding year for hip hop. Some good albums that came out this year were:
1. PRo- Dying to Live
2. Lecrae- Rehab Deluxe
3. 116 Clique- Manup (a 116 Clique project)
4. Canon- Blind World (free download)__ I should mention who Canon is. He is a relatively new rapper signed to RMG (Reflection Music Group). I believe the group was started by PRo and the whole group is PRo, Chad Jones, Brothatone, and Canon. Canon's album is exceptional and can be downloaded FREE from the RMG site after creating an account.
5. Da' T.R.U.T.H.- The Whole Truth

Good list. I'm equally enthralled with the PRo album.

Yes, the 116 team is (in my opinion) getting better at making music every year. They're more experienced and just about every song holds spiritual truths that can really strengthen and uplift the Christian. The Christian hip hop scene is just phenomenal.