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This year both Crossroad Radio and Crossroad Light will help you ring in the new year in style.

First, XR counts down the top 20 songs from that show on Friday, Dec. 30th on the annual "Best Of (insert the year '2011' here) show. Starting at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT, I'll be giving out my yearly (funny and made of aluminum foil) awards to some of our bands and songs (that didn't quite make the cut) before launching into the best that Christian modern rock & hip-hop had to offer in 2011.  If you can correctly guess the #1 song of the year by posting it here or calling me at 336-777-1893 during the show, you'll get a chance to win a prize pack from the band (there's the only hint you're getting) whose song is at the top spot.  Trust me, you want it.

Then on Saturday, New Year's Eve (that's Dec. 31st for the uninformed), Crossroad Light goes live from 8pm all the way 'til midnight to usher in 2012.  That's right, 4 hours of sweet goodness for your ears, culminating with, for the very first time, XR Light's very own "Best Of (again, insert the year '2011' here).  You'll hear the top 20 songs from that show with the #1 song to be revealed on the cusp of the New Year at the stroke of midnight.  As with XR the night before, if you correctly guess the song that sits at that spot, you'll be entered for a chance to win a prize pack from the band that brought it to you. 

Here's the deal though.  If you win on Friday, you can't win again on Saturday.  I have to pull your name out of the hat and share the love with others.  You know how I roll.

So now it's up to you.  Have you been listening faithfully to your 2 favorite shows?  Think you know which 2 songs are taking the top spots?  Let the guessing begin...


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Ok, I have several guesses for the top Crossroad Radio song:
1. Switchfoot- Dark Horses
2. Seventh Day Slumber- Never Too Far Gone
3. 12 Stones- Bulletproof
4. Love Like Gravity- Stronger
5. I Am Empire- Hammers and Anvils
6. Disciple- Invisible
7. Submmission Red- The Ticking Clock
8. Skillet- Hero
9. 7eventh Time Down- Alive in You
10. Fades Away- Choir of Failure
11. Icon For Hire- Make a Move
12. Manafest- Bring the Ruckus
13. Nine Lashes- Anthem of the Lonely
14. Harvestbloom- Let it Go
15. Cord of Three- Breath
16. Ashes Remain- Come Alive
17. After Edmund- Dance Like You're From the Future
18. ForthAngel- Not Hollywood
19. Blindside- Our Love Saves Us
and last but definitely not least...
20. Hope Kills Fear- Surrender

Skillet's Awake and Alive was last year's #1 song. ~Justin

I have several guesses for XR's number 1 song:

1. Switchfoot- Dark Horses
2. Seventh Day Slumber- Never Too Far Gone
3. Blindside- Our Love Saves Us
4. Submission Red- The Ticking Clock
5. After Edmund- Dance Like You're From The Future
6. Brian Headwelch- Surrender
7. Red- Faceless
8. Disciple- Invisible
9. Fades Away- Choir of Failure
10. Cord of Three- Breath
11. Harvestbloom- Let it Go
12. Manafest- Bring the Ruckus
13. Hope Kills Fear- Surrender
14. Icon For Hire- Surrender
15. ForthAngel- Not Hollywood
16. 12 Stones- Bulletproof (it's just gotta be this one)
17. 7eventh Time Down- Alive in You
18. Love Like Gravity- Stronger
19. Ashes Remain- Come Alive
20. House of Heroes- Burn me Down
21. FM Static- My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go
22. Demon Hunter- Blood in the Tears
and last but certainly not least:
23. Nine Lashes- Anthem of the Lonely ~Justin

Wow, Justin! I can tell you've really been listening and I appreciate that so much. Covered all your bases, huh?


I have several guesses
1. Skillet-Hero
2.Switchfoot Dark horses
3.Ashes Remain-Come Alive
5.Seventh Day Slumber-Never Too Far Gone
6.7eventh Time Down- Alive in You
7.Nine Lashes-Anthem of The Lonely
8.Cord Of Three-Breath

Some good guesses coming from Caleb too! Check the year on "Hero" though.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the hip hop songs are also included on the list this year and not a separate category.

Eligible songs for XR:

New Beginning - Shaken
The Healing - Ivoryline
Lies & Fear Go Hand In Hand - Everyday Sunday
Nonsense - Flame
Pizza Party - Phanatik
Curse Of Perfect Days - Emery
High - LeCrae Feat. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock
Invisible - Disciple
The Ticking Clock - Submission Red
Blood In The Tears - Demon Hunter
Lose Control - Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers
Drive - Ed Kowalczyk
116 - PRo Feat. KB
Dance Like You're From The Future - After Edmund
Bear With You - Trip Lee Feat. Tedashii
F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C - FM Static
Fire With Fire - The Letter Black
Love Is An Action - A New Monday
Alarm The Alarm - Write This Down
Problematic - A Rotterdam November
Trailers Vs. Tornadoes - Sent By Ravens
Oh Well - Sho Baraka
Closer - Philmont
Stronger - Love Like Gravity
S.O.S. - Abandon
Jumping The Gun - Hyland
Hammers & Anvils - I Am Empire
Through Your Eyes - Worth Dying For
Breathe - Cord Of 3
Move - Flame
Need It Daily - Tedashii Feat. PRo
Feed The Machine - Red
Back To The Basics - Run Kid Run
Block Party - Phanatik
Artofficial - Young Joshua
Rebuild Your Love - The Great Transparency
Run Away - Shaken
Our Love Saves Us - Blindside
Kill Lies - Reform The Resistance
Caramel Mocha - Young Timothy
Stronger - Children 18:3
Chase That (Ambition - LeCrae
Ended It All - Downpor
Vessels - Ivoryline
Make A Move - Icon For Hire
Revolution - Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers
Alive In You - 7eventh Time Down
Stand - Ed Kowalczyk
Scars - Runaway City
Surrender - Hope Kills Fear
Bring The Ruckus - Manafest
Bulletproof - 12 Stones
Choir Of Failure - Fades Away
Apology Rejected - These Hearts
Twisted - Trip Lee
Anthem Of The Lonely - Nine Lashes
Dum Dum - Tedashii Feat. LeCrae
Let It Go - HarvestBloom
Get It In - Jus' Will
My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go - FM Static
Not Hollywood - ForthAngel
Irresistible - Southbound Fearing
Alive - Flame
Pop Pop Pop - The Ambassador
Never Too Far Gone - Seventh Day Slumber
This Little Light - Rapture Ruckus
Shine A Light - Silverline
Blue Ghost - Falling Up
Come Alive - Ashes Remain
Dark Horses - Switchfoot
Before I Die - PRo
Burn Me Down - House Of Heroes
Remedy - Disciple
Signed Up To Die - This'l

XR Light's list will be posted next week.

Eligible songs for XR Light:

We Were Made For You - Aaron Gillespie
Fun Is Fun - Starflyer 59
I Want Something To Live For - The Rocket Summer
The Great Physician - Deas Vail
Everything Is Different Now - Stellar Kart
Freedom Is Here - Esterlyn
Ransom - Charlie Hall
Heaven Come My Way - Abandon Kansas
One Step Away - WakeUp Starlight
Walk On Water - Bright Season
Last Train Home - FM Static
Can't Shut Up - Anthem Lights
Make Your Move - Third Day
Blind - Ember
Broken Glass - Silverline
Bema Seat - Classic Petra
Ten Thousand - John Mark McMillan
How Did I - Guest
Feel It In Your Heart - Abandon
Divine Explanation - David Dunn
Healing In Your Arms - Luminate
This Love Is Free - Hyland
Let Me See Your Hands - Josh White
Lucy - Skillet
So Far Away - House Of Heroes
Drink (Everlasting Love) - Ed Kowalczyk
Love & Despair - I Am Empire
Background - LeCrae Feat. C-Lite
Space Between - Canopy Red
Longing - Runaway City
Yours To Own - Trip Lee Feat. Jimmy Needham
Better Love - Eisley
True Bride - Sent By Ravens
Like A Lion - Daniel Bashta
Like I Mean It - Stars Go Dim
You Will Remain - Philmont
Break The Cycle - Cory Lamb
Oh Honestly! - Children 18:3
Bold And Underlined - Future Of Forestry
Eternity - Hollywood Heroes
Hold Me Together - Royal Tailor
Closer - Anberlin
Anthem For The Ordinary - Evan Milby
Tennessee Memories - Austin Simmons
Other Side Of Me - Since October
I Never Got To See The West Coast - Emery
Sixteen - Deas Vail
American Dream - Dominic Balli Feat. Sonny Sandoval
Hello - Shonlock
Until The Sun Burns Out - The Red Airplanes
Parachute - Bread Of Stone
Galaxies - Owl City
Animosity - Loftland
Hands And Feet - Know Hope Collective
Save Your Life - Newsboys
We Were Shipwrecks - Ilia
Light Makes A Way - Remedy Drive
Angel Of Light - Classic Petra
Not Alone - Red
Finally - Tedashii Feat. Shane & Shane
Every Time You Run - Manafest
Your Love Is A Mystery - Hawk Nelson
It's A Good Day - Cory Lamb
Kick Drum - Miss Angie
Ready To Save - Satellites & Sirens
Like That - LeCrae
The Valley - Eisley
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Relient K
Live For Love - We Are Leo
Anthem Song - Aaron Gillespie
I Love Music - Trip Lee Feat. Sho Baraka
That Melancholy Ghost - The Choir
The Other Country - Burlap To Cashmere
Do You Believe Believers? - Scott Silletta
View From The Top - The Wrecking
Love Came Down - Seventh Day Slumber
Straight N' Narrow - J. Douglas Wright
Innocent - Luminate
The Great Awakening - Leeland
Like It Or Not - Abandon Kansas
Here To Stay - Canopy Red
Up Down - The Ambassador Feat. Charmaine
Halo - Manic Drive
Down - Mat Kearney
Give It Up - Planet Shakers
Made For You - Building 429
Closer - Peter Furler Feat. Steve Taylor

Here are my choices xP If I'm only allowed one..then go with the first one. >:3

Dark Horses by Switchfoot
Afterlife by Switchfoot
Faceless by Red
Feed the machine by Red
High byLeCrae Feat. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock
Invisible by Disciple
Dance Like You're From The Future by After Edmund
F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C by FM Static
Through Your Eyes by Worth Dying For
Our Love Saves Us by Blindside
Make A Move by Icon For Hire
Choir Of Failure by Fades Away
Anthem Of The Lonely by Nine Lashes
Dum Dum by Tedashii Feat. LeCrae
Not Hollywood by ForthAngel
Come Alive by Ashes Remain

DOWNPOR Ended it all!!!!awsome song!!

1. Bebo Norman - Ocean

Sorry honey.

That's assuming the last comment was posted by my wife.


Felt I should mention that the reason I posted a list twice is because I didn't think my comment went through. I didn't see it on the blog and figured it didn't work. Glad to see it did though!

So, by way of hip hop I do have a few guesses (XR):

1. Lecrae- High
2. the Ambassador- Pop Pop Pop
3. Flame- Nonsense
4. Sho Baraka- Oh Well
5. Phanatik- Pizza Party
6. Byron Chambers- Lose Control
7. Flame- Move
8. Tedashii- Dum Dum
9. Trip Lee- Bear With You
10. PRo- 116
11. Young Joshua- Artofficial
12. Young Timothy- Caramel Mocha
13. Jus' Will- Get It In
I'll also add:

14. Worth Dying For- Through Your Eyes
15. The Letter Black- Fire with Fire
16. A Rotterdam November- Problematic
17. Emery- Curse of Perfect Days
18. Write This Down- Alarm the Alarm
19. Sent By Ravens- Trailers vs. Tornadoes
20. Red- Feed The Machine
21. Hyland- Jumping the Gun
22. Ed Kowalczyk- Drive
23. These Hearts- Apology Regected

Now I'm done.
Can't wait for the show!
Here's to an excellent year of the best in Christian rock, rap, and everything in between, as well as an even better year to come!

Hey Justin, I have to moderate the comments before publishing. I was away from it for a couple of days but I should have all of your guesses posted now.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support for the show! You're an awesome guy.

Likewise, Dave. The show is truly a blessing!

I Will Lift My Eyes - Bebo Norman

To my wife - if this was Family Feud, you'd have 2 big Xs by now with the annoying buzzer noise to go along with them.

Try again - without Bebo Norman.

Congratulations, Justin!

Ah, amazing. Dark Horses was the popular vote. It looks like everyone was on the same page there. The best way to end a year is with some good Crossroad. I'll be listening to XR light tonight as well...


Justin, I've also put Ilia and Red CDs in your prize pack which is at the station waiting for you.