XR & XR Light Playlist

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If you heard last week's shows and can't quite put your finger on the title or artist of the song (hopefully songs) you can't get out of your head, let me help you out.

XR (in alphabetical order):

After Edmund - "Dance Like You're From The Future"
Children 18:3 - "Oh Bravo"
Demon Hunter - "Blood In The Tears"
Disciple - "Invisible"
Ed Kowalczyk - "Drive"
Ember - "Give A Little"
Emery - "Curse Of Perfect Days"
Flame - "Nonsense"
Grits - "Do It Again"
Hawk Nelson - "Crazy Love"
I Am Empire - "Brain Damage"
Ivoryline - "The Healing"
LeCrae feat. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock - "High"
Phanatik - "Pizza Party"
PRo feat. KB - "116"
Red - "Faceless"
Shaken - "New Beginning"
Submission Red - "The Ticking Clock (Miss Understood)"

XR Light (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Gillespie - "We Were Made For You"
Abandon - "Feel It In Your Heart"
Abandon Kansas - "Heaven Come My Way"
Anthem Lights - "Can't Shut Up"
Bright Season - "Walk On Water"
Charlie Hall - "Ransom"
Classic Petra - "Bema Seat"
Deas Vail - "The Great Physician"
Ember - "Blind"
Esterlyn - "Freedom Is Here"
Fair - "One Last Time"
Flatfoot 56 - "Son Of Shame"
FM Static - "Last Train Home"
ForthAngel - "Believe"
Group 1 Crew - "Please Don't Let Me Go"
Guest - "How Did I"
Jaymes Reunion - "Fine"
Jimmy Needham feat. Trip Lee - "Grace Amazing"
John Mark McMillan - "Ten Thousand"
Owl City - "In Christ Alone"
Sanctus Real - "Take Over Me"
Satellites & Sirens - "Vaudevillian"
Shake The Nation - "The Anthem"
Silverline - "Broken Glass"
Starflyer 59 - "Fun Is Fun"
Stellar Kart - "Everything Is Different Now"
The Choir - "Invisible"
The City Harmonic - "Manifesto"
The Rocket Summer - "I Want Something To Live For"
Third Day - "Make Your Move"
WakeUp Starlight - "One Step Away"

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