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Once again I find myself apologizing for my blogging delinquency.  I'll try to do better.  Try.

Now that all is forgiven (hopefully) I'm excited to announce that Hawk Nelson's Jason Dunn will be gracing the airwaves with us this Friday night.  We'll be taking a call from Jason to talk about all things Hawk Nelson including their new CD "Crazy Love" which, incidentally, we'll be giving away!  Interviews with Jason always have a way of being zany yet profound at the same time.  You can find more about the band at http://www.hawknelson.com/

Also joining us will be a band called Fall Of Goliath.  These guys are teenagers who I met while hosting the Disciple and Fireflight concerts in their hometown of North Wilkesboro a few months ago.  We're always happy to give a platform.to young artists and bands who have a passion for both Christ and their music.  Fall Of Goliath will be live in the studio with us to perform a couple of acoustic songs.

Just click on the "Ustream" link on our home page at 10pm EST to view the show live as it happens and to interact with me, Franco, and our new co-host, Natman, as well as Fall Of Goliath, and other listeners from around the globe.  

Psalm 139

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Yay!! Looking forward to it!