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Thanks to Stria and their fans (and, as always, our listeners) for helping to make last week's live XR broadcast one to remember. If you missed it, click on our ustream.tv link on the home page to check it out. Here's the music that rocked your weekend.


Da' T.R.U.T.H. feat. J.R - "Fantasy"
Day Of Fire - "Lately"
Days Divide - "Edge Of The Earth"
Emery - "Open Hands, Closed Eyes"
Everyday Sunday - "Breathing For Me"
Fireflight - "Desperate"
Flyleaf - "Chasm"
High Flight Society - "Inhaling A Bullet"
House Of Heroes - "Field Of Daggers"
John Reuben - "No Be Nah"
Lecrae feat. Trip Lee - "Fall Back"
Life In Rescue - "Save The World"
Maj - "Hill Street Blues"
Paige Armstrong - "Wake Up"
Pillar - "Shine"
Project 86 - "The Butcher"
R-Swift - "Awesome"
Red - "Forever"
Silverline - "Stop Me Now"
Skillet - "Monster"
Stephanie Smith - "Back To Innocence"
Stria - "Medical Art"
Switchfoot - "Mess Of Me"
Tedashii - "Work"
Thousand Foot Krutch - "Fire It Up"
Thrice - "In Exile"


Abandon - "Safe In Your Arms"
Deas Vail - "Excuses"
DecembeRadio - "Be Alright"
Decyfer Down - "Best I Can"
Delorean Grey - "Sorry For The Last Time"
Disciple - "Lay My Burdens"
Fair - "Disappearing World"
Me In Motion - "Losers"
Number One Gun - "Forest"
Plumb - "Hang On"
Red - "Start Again"
Robbie Seay Band - "Awaken My Soul"
Seabird - "Don't You Know You're Beautiful"
Stellar Kart - "We Shine"
Thousand Foot Krutch - "Already Home"

If you like the bands we play, check them all out at www.myspace.com and let them know that you heard them on our show!

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