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As I was preparing my questions for tonight's interview with Seabird (to be aired on a future XR) I started thinking about all of the bands/artists who will be making guest appearances over the next couple of months on our show. When I reached the point where my brain was just about to explode from thinking about the sheer numbers, I decided to share them with you here to be safe. It helps to put things in writing, you know?

Check out this lineup:

Day Of Fire, Fireflight, Stellar Kart, the aforementioned Seabird, Number One Gun, Submission Red, I Am Empire, and Me In Motion are all confirmed for phone interviews at this point. Plenty of merch will be available for you to win from them.

And if that isn't enough, how about our in studio guests? The guys from the "Follow Me Tour" (www.myspace.com/followmetour09) join us this Friday night. February brings us the make-up date for Elishah (you remember that they were felled by the weather in December) and Safe In The Arms, the new project from Tyler Lucas (formerly of A Kiss For Jersey).

Yeah, we like to bring you the good stuff because God has blessed us to be able to do it and because, well, we love you.



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