XR Playlist - Week ending 11/21/09

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Sorry it's been a while since we've done this. Hoping to do it on a weekly basis now. Thanks for your graciousness and forgiveness in advance :) Dave


Abandon Kansas - "I Wonder If It's Me"
DA T.R.U.T.H. - "U Ready?"
Day Of Fire - "Lately"
DecembeRadio - "Gasoline"
Emery - "Open Hands, Closed Eyes"
Everyday Sunday - "Breathing For Me"
Fireflight - "Desperate"
Flyleaf - "Again"
Hearts Of Saints - "The Secret"
High Flight Society - "Inhaling A Bullet"
House Of Heroes - "Field Of Daggers"
I Am Empire - "The Elevator"
I'm OK You're OK - "Stories Of Redemption"
John Reuben - "No Be Nah"
KJ-52 - "End Of My Rope"
Maj - "Hill Street Blues"
Nine Lashes - "Word Of Advice"
Pillar - "Fire On The Inside"
Project 86 - "The Butcher"
Showbread - "Vehement"
Skillet - "Monster"
Stephanie Smith - "Back To Innocence"
Stria - "Medical Art"
Submission Red - "Nobody"
Switchfoot - "Mess Of Me"
Tedashii - "Work"
The Almost - "Hands"
The Letter Black - "Best Of Me"
Thousand Foot Krutch - "Fire It Up"


Abandon - "Safe In Your Arms"
Clemency - "Inside"
Deas Vail - "Excuses"
DecembeRadio - "Be Alright"
Decyfer Down - "Best I Can"
Delorean Grey - "Sorry For The Last Time"
Disciple - "Lay My Burdens"
Future Of Forestry - "Holiday"
Me In Motion - "Losers"
Plumb - "Hang On"
Red - "Start Again"
Relient K - "Forget And Not Slow Down"
Ruth - "Rolling With The Punches"
Stellar Kart - "We Shine"
Stryper - "I Believe"
The Glorious Unseen - Heavy Hearted"

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Way to go with playing Stria's "Medical Art"! We are all for them down here in Central Florida. You guys rock! myspace.com/striamusic

Thanks. We definitely agree with that and love the guys in Stria. They'll be on our show Friday, June 8th for a phone interview. We're also giving away copies of their CD "Chimera" and t-shirts as well.