Deke's Lazer Tag Saga

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May 21st - 3:27pm

My dearest wife Amy,
I find myself in a frightening situation.  There is lazer fire all around me.  The green team has surrounded us and I think they have taken down our fearless leader, Wally.  He will be out of commission for at least 10 seconds while his lazer recharges.  The Tami-nator has been hiding in the same place for this entire battle and we cannot get a lock on her lazer sensors...all may be lost.  If I do not make it out of this battle without scoring at least 100 points I may never make it out alive.  Despite supercharging my weapon at the glowing spider I have been unable to shoot more than a wondering Cindy who was caught unaware with my ninja like skills.  Tell the kids I love them and you will be in my thoughts always.  Now, it is time for me to make one more bold run into the enemy territory.  My weapon is prepped as I step out into the warfare. I rush into it head first and as I turn the corner I...

Whoa...where did those stars come from?

So, this past Thursday I found myself nearly blacking out after I decided to butt heads with an immovable object...namely a wall.  It was during the WBFJ Sharathon celebration at Lazer X that I went a little too crazy with the commando stuff and while doing a quick duck and weave I ducked right into a hard plastic partition.  Fortunately I did not black out but I did make a Gorbachev like bruise appear on my forehead.

That evening I was feeling a little bit nauseous, dizzy, and having flashbacks (ok maybe not that) and after fighting the promptings of my wife and my church family I decided to head into the ER where I sat hooked up to machines awaiting a CT scan.

This was really the first time in my life I have ever been in that position.  Because of the grace of God (and nothing else) I have never been to the hospital as a patient.  I have never had to lay on those uncomfortable beds looking at my heart beat on a digital screen while doctors and nurses ask me a hundred and one questions.  I have never had to wear one of those free flowing gowns that make me nervous just wearing them or get any sort of scanning done.  So as I sat there unable to move because of the jumper cables attached to my chest (those were fun getting off) I looked at my beautiful wife sitting with me and wondered what life would be like if the scans came back with a bad diagnosis.  What if there was bleeding in my skull?  What if they found cancer?  What if I didn't have a brain?

As I pondered all of these terrible situations I prayed that regardless of what the diagnosis was that I would be able to stand firmly and pronounce to every doctor, nurse, visitor and myself that God is good.  He is worthy of all praise and honor.  If He decided to allow me to die or have cancer then His ways are higher than mine and I can trust Him.  I prayed that He would use the situation as a means to tell others about His incredible love and grace.  The bottom line is that my life is not my own.  In fact, He owns me because (like everyone else) He created me and therefore has rights to my life.  He is also perfect and therefore is right in everything He does. This does not mean it is easy to submit to His will but there is peace and rest when we do.

I am thankful that I did not have anything wrong with me (though some of you may differ) but I still pray that I will pronounce boldly the truth about my God.  Even if He did nothing else for me and I perished on this day He has done more than enough when He sent His Son to die in my place on the cross.  Because of Christ's sacrifice I am free from condemnation and will one day enjoy heaven by His side where there will be no more pain or death.  So no matter what pain or suffering I may endure here on earth, as a Christian, this is the closest to hell I will ever be.

I pray you can say the same.

As far as Lazer Tag...I do plan on playing again sometime.  After all, even with a head injury I got 2nd place!  Of course, the worse part about the whole ordeal was having to tell doctors, nurses, and my good friends HOW I got the purple blotches on my head.  After a serious, "I hope you're alright," I could have sworn I heard giggling down the hall.

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great job at laser tag