XR COMIC - "Red"

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hey, i just got red's new cd today and its awesome!! but i was wondering if you guys have figured out the "puzzle" thats with it. if you dont know what im talking about look at the back of the cd booklet, theres a link: 466623623-263-46784628.com b/c im a very curious person i went to it and started the very addicting puzzle, but was unable to finish it =( it has to do with Dante's "Divine Comedy", which ive never read. anyways, i hope you guys try it and since dave is doing an interview with RED maybe he could ask em about it? good luck with it

Jeremy - I went to that link but did not have the password. Seems pretty interesting. We had already done the interview otherwise we would have asked them.

I did have to read Dante's Divine Comedy in high school...it was interesting. Thanks for the tip. We'll have to check that out and talk about it next week.

God bless!

ok, i finally "figured out" the puzzle(i found a forum about it and people had posted the answers on there) First, the place where you got stuck, the password was IIXMMIX. this takes you to a new page that gives you a link to a site called washyouthosewoundswithin.com where you have to enter a gold and silver key. this is where i got stuck, but i found out that the gold key is "saligia" and the silver key is "nothing"(im not sure how they found the gold key, but they found the silver key by answering the riddle "What is bigger than God, more evil than Satan, and must be paid by YOU to wash away your wounds within?"). once you enter the keys, it plays some recording(which i think are numbers to another site) and gives you matelda's phrase. you go to the site, which is http://www.viixviiixxv.com/ here you have to enter matelda's last word which is "paradiso" and the puzzle code which is "stars". after you've did that it shows a vid from RED and lets you download some pretty cool stuff. hope you enjoy it!