Newsletter Devotion - February 3rd Edition

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 9:10 AM

The other day my pastor spoke on John 4 and evangelism. One of the first points he made was that telling others about Jesus is not based on feelings or what the outcome will be. He said that if our motivation is not one of obedience to the command of God to "go and make disciples of all men" then we will continue to be disappointed when things don't go well or we are persecuted.

As I was listen to Him teach I remembered an incredible testimony from one of the most powerful speakers of our lifetime. His name is Paul Washer, and he will both give you a kidney punch of truth and encourage your heart all in the same teaching.

Many people ask Paul what motivates him to speak the way he does. Why do his words carry so much power and truth. How is he so unashamed of Christ to the point where even churches have refused to have him back to speak because he speaks very hard truth. His answer is simply, "isn't salvation enough?" When the God of the universe saves and forgives a wretch like us...isn't that enough to motivate us to obey?

So, sit back and listen to this testimony of God saving a wretch. This is the power of the gospel. This is why we need to preach the good news.


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