Deke's Beat of the Week - Lacrae "Rebel"

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I know I am pretty much piggy backing on Dave this week, but there is a great reason why - the new Lecrae CD is one of the best of the year.

If you receive the Crossroad Newsletter (which you can begin getting my emailing me) then you saw in our "lyrics to live by" section that we featured the title track, Rebel, as our song this week.  If you read the lyrics then understand why I am so excited about this CD.  In the song Rebel Intro you get Lacrae rapping about what it really means to be a rebel.  In between his hard hitting lines you also get some incredible thoughts from pastor Mark Driscoll (a very solid Bible teacher).  Here is a small sample:

Lecrae: I'm a rebel you know the kind that die in the street / cause you refuse to conform, won't eat the kings meat yeah / Christ rebelled by shunning the cultured / He eatin' with sinners / givin Pharasies ulcers / He never got married, He was broke plus homeless / yeah that's the God I role wit

Driscoll: You're just a conformist if your just drunken naked and driving around on a motorcycle smoking cigarettes and breaking commandments and getting pregnant out of wedlock.  Everyone's done that - that's so tired.  If you really want to be a rebel - read your Bible because no one's doing that.  That's rebellion...that's the only rebellion left!

That first song sets the theme of the entire album.  It is both a call to rebel against the culture all while showing the struggle between the flesh and the spirit.  This is never more evident than in the song Indwelling Sin where we get to eavesdrop on a conversation with Lecrae and his flesh.  It looks something like this:

SIN:  ...let's take it back.  All the way to like the 6th grade / last thing on your mind back in the day was trying to live saved / remember house parties, kissing in the dark? / man that was innocent fun come on...

LECRAE: NOW don't start / See dawg I live by the Spirit so I don't gratify / all them old sinful desires that never satisfy

So while Lecrae is taking on this world and the postmodern mindset (check out the song TRUTH) he also presents a very entertaining and high quality sound.  This album has it all - great sounding mixes as well as biblical lyrics.

I guess what I am trying to say is - THIS CD ROCKS (or raps)

If you like hip hop - you'll love this CD.  If you liked Lecrae's past stuff you will find this all the more incredible.  This is where all Christian music should be.  Deep, profound, theologically accurate lyrics with a high quality sound that keeps this people listening and can actually lead people to repent and trust in Christ as Savior...

...yes, the lyrics are THAT powerful.

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