Friday, September 12 - Dave's "Beat of the Week"

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I've really been getting into Charlie Hall's new release, The Bright Sadness, this week. For those who aren't familiar with Charlie, he's probably the least known of the artist/worshipers from Louie Giglio's "Passion" movement (Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Matt Redman) and, like the others, calls sixstepsrecords his label home.

Unlike Tomlin and Redman, Hall doesn't normally write huge, sing-along anthems (nothing wrong with that, mind you). Hall is a bit more nuanced in his muscianship and lyrics and, in that regard, has more in common with Crowder than any of his other label-mates. He's a worship leader in the way that the equally excellent Phil Wickham is considered one. A Charlie Hall record is a worship experience that brings soul, heart, body and mind into God's presence and leaves nothing out. He wears the title of artist/worshiper well.

I've heard it said that worship has nothing to do with us and everything to do with God. While I get that point of view I don't necessarily agree with it totally. Granted, we shouldn't come to worship for what we can get out of it. It should be about blessing and lifting up the Lord. But, in order to do that fully, it takes the full realm of human experience, which encompasses way more than just singing a chorus. And if we worship with our entire lives, we'll be blessed whether we're seeking it or not. God has given us not only lips but minds to use as well and Hall is particularly good at teasing your grey matter as you worship.

One of my favorite tunes from the record is "Hookers and Robbers" which is a call to everyone from all walks of life to "Come as you are" to Christ. With lines like "Me, I am not such an excellent host/I'm one who forgives but needs it the most/I found the liar, the killer of hearts/And I ran away with a new way to start/I journeyed a road where a bright man appeared/He looked into me, and my eyes filled with tears/my breath fast and short and my heart burning deep/he gave me new eyes and a new way to see," you can see that, in order to truly worship, we have to be aware of what He's rescued us from. I don't know about you but I need constant reminders.

And check out "Scenes" which uses vivid imagery to point out that God is constantly reminding us of his presence because we have "such short memories" according to Hall. There's a video of Hall and a couple of his bandmates performing this song in a church accompanied by nothing but a piano and a piece of paper (you read that right) at You can also find him at

If you're looking for a worship record that truly engages your whole being, any Charlie Hall record will work. The Bright Sadness is the latest, and in my opinion, the best.

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