Deke's Beat of the Week - The Fair

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No, it's not a new band.  The Fair is just what it says - The Fair.  In only a matter of days the Dixie Classic Fair will be upon us and I for one am NOT ready.  The reason this is my beat of the week is because every beat of my work existence ha s been towards the fair this week.  Here is an example of what I have been up to:

Creating posters
Creating promotional graphics
Creating shirts (which we got his week!)
Website updates
Creating radio promotions
 and even writing a blog about the fair (which you are currently reading)

I do not say all this to complain.  I love the fair and look forward to it.  In fact it is one of my favorite times of year both because of what I do for it at work and because my family enjoys it.  This year I am excited because Crossroad will once again be there to broadcast Jesus and some awesome music to everyone around us.  I also have ordered tracts and look forward to handing them out to  as many people as possible.  

So, this week as I dig through all the work on my desk and look towards October 3rd with great anticipation I ask that you pray for me, Dave and WBFJ as a whole.  This is a special time for us because we are placed in a prime spot, right in the midst of a world that needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  May we speak with boldness the truth of Christ.  May we show the love of Christ to those who may be hurting. And may the Lord bless the work of our hands because without His power through the Holy Spirit it is all done in vain.  

We would also love for you to join us.  Come hang out with Dave and I both Fridays and Saturdays of the fair between 9 and midnight.  

SIDE NOTE: Don't forget Fireproof opens tomorrow (26th)!  Go see this awesome movie and if you want a good laugh check out the spoof I filmed with the WBFJ morning show called Dunkproof.

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