Deke's Beat of the Week - August 22nd

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 6:36 PM

This past week Dave and I had a great time with Elishah in studio. If you want to check them out you can visit

During the show we all shared what we were currently listening to throughout the week. This week I took a step back to a CD that was a very entertaining and insightful album by the guys from The Afters.

The Afters sophomore release, Never Going Back To OK, is a solid CD with a great pop sounds a thought provoking lyrics. Of course, the guys do have the occasion fun song like the online favorite, Myspace Girl. What's fun about this song is the fact that it is a true story. One of the guys in The Afters met his wife in a drive-though and then checked her myspace before asking her out (creepy and yet it worked...don't try this at home).

So in closing I have enjoyed listening to this great album once again. Hopefully The Afters will continue to put out more and more high quality music because after this album - they can't go back to OK.

For more on The Afters click here.

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