Details on the Pendulum Swings movie shoot/concert. Dave & Martin to host.

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TRI-RAHN PICTURES and VELA FILMS are very pleased to announce their collaboration with the Hartman, on the feature film Pendulum Swings. As part of the production, Hartman will perform a concert on Wednesday, July 21st 2010 at The Cove Church in Mooresville, NC. What makes this event unique is that we and the band will shoot a major concert scene for the film preceding the actual live show. Shots from this concert segment of the shoot will also be included on Hartman’s music video. When shooting for the film and video are complete, the band will perform a full concert with the help of the fantastic sound and light crew of The Cove Church. For this event, we will need a full group of extras to be in attendance to create an exciting atmosphere for the scene, as well as the music video. There is no age limit. However, please keep in mind that this is a powerful Christian concert, and there will be a lot of volume and a lot of lights. Attendance will be limited, so the first extras to fill the auditorium will be the extras filmed for the scene and music video. Capacity at the venue is 1700. There are large screen monitors all around the entrance to the main auditorium, so viewing the concert is still possible if maximum capacity has already been reached. Call time for extras on the day will be 3:00pm. Shooting will be from 4:00pm till 7:00pm. The concert will begin at 8:00pm and will be video recorded for a live DVD. All Extras on camera will be required to sign an agreement for the film and the Live Concert DVD. Wardrobe should be casual or dress clothes. NO VISIBLE LOGOS or BRIGHT COLORS will be permitted. The location is The Cove Church, 197 Langtree Rd, Mooresville, NC 28115. Please visit will be an exciting time for all of the cast and the crew of Pendulum Swings. The band Hartman will be showcasing a number of tracks from their album Better Live, which celebrates the past decade with live, original tracks from Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre to The Comma. You can find more information on Hartman, and hear a selection of their songs at www.jshartman.comTRAILERS for PENDULUM SWNGS can be seen at: - Version 1AND - Version 2

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