XR and XR Light Playlist for week ending 5-22-10

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Sorry everyone, it's been a little while since we've posted this. I'll try to be better about it. I promise ;) - Dave

Air Five - "Here's Me Letting Go"
Alakrity (feat. John Schlitt) - "Beyond Belief"
Chasen - "Castaway"
Children 18:3 - "Lost So Long"
Christine Evans - "Black & Blue"
Day Of Fire - "The Dark Hills"
Decyfer Down - "Ride With Me"
Distal - "Follow Me"
Ember - "The Deep End"
Flatfoot 56 - "Courage"
Gungor - "Brighter Day"
House Of Heroes - "Elevator"
Manafest - "Avalanche"
Me In Motion - "The God I Know"
Newsboys - "Born Again"
Paige Armstrong - "Episode"
Paper Tongues - "For The People"
Pillar - "Whatever It Takes"
R-Swift (feat. Jahaziel, Sho Baraka, & Monty G.) - "No No No"
Red - "Ordinary World"
Relient K - "Therapy"
Safe Haven - "Back Down"
Salient - "My Security"
Seabird - "The Good King"
Sho Baraka (feat. Lecrae & After Edmund) - "Shut Us Down"
Since October - "Believe"
Skillet - "Awake And Alive"
Starfield - "Rediscover You"
Stellar Kart - "Something Holy"
Switchfoot - "The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)
Switchfoot - "Your Love Is A Song"
Tedashii - "Fresh"
The Almost - "No I Don't"
The Classic Crime - "Four Chords"
The Great Transparency - "Don't You Ever"
The Rocket Summer - "Walls"
Write This Down - "Center Of Attention"

XR Gold:

Bride - "Rattlesnake"

In studio guests:

Writing Home - "Carry Me Away"

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