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By now all you faithful XR listeners should know that Martin and I are having tons of fun with the new XR Gold segment. We have a seemingly endless collection of bands and songs that have been foundational in laying the groundwork for our show and we're going to keep bringing them to you.

One cool thing that we're going to be doing from time to time is dedicating an entire month to the lasting bands whose music literally launched the entire industry known as Christian Rock (or rap/hip hop depending on the band) and made it accessible enough to where shows like XR can exist and thrive. In April the honor goes to dc Talk which birthed the careers of Toby Mac, Michael Tait (current lead singer of the Newsboys and former lead singer of Tait) and Kevin Max (who's getting rave reviews in his first starring role for the film "The Impostor."

Each of the first 3 Friday nights in April (2nd, 9th, and 16th) will feature the early solo music of a former "talk-er". On the 4th Friday night (23rd), Martin and I will play the genre-definining smash "Jesus Freak."

Here's where you come in. We want to know your personal favorite dc Talk song so that we can play it on the final Friday night (30th). Cast your vote for any song in the dc Talk catalogue (other than "Jesus Freak" and "In The Light" - those get played enough already!) by posting your comment here in response to this post. Please be sure to include your first name, last initial, and hometown. That makes you eligible for a dc Talk prize pack we'll be giving away on the 30th. Then just listen the XR Gold segment at 11:15 that night to hear the winning song and to see if you're our winner!

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heyyyyyyyy lol umm jesus freak is my fave! i know it's not very creative cuz it's prob rather popular but whatever i absolutely adore it! :)

I am Daniel N (NCfisher) from Winston-Salem, and I have to say that the best DC Talk song after Jesus Freak and In To The Light is Dive.

OK my new one is "what if i stumble" :P lol :)

Wow, it is hard to pick just one song! The music of DC Talk was part of the soundtrack to my childhood. If I had to chose I would say Colored People but, like I said, it is difficult to pick because they made so many great songs.
-- Hannah H. of Mount Airy, NC

My Friend (so long)!!!!

colored people

i think colored people is the best

Heyyy it erika!!! and Say the words is my fave by DC TALK! that song is flippin AMAZING! :) yeah sooo I love dc talk and that song..mhmm :)

OOOps,I forgot to inclued my lastname intial and stuufff

Sooooo Say the words for the song!
ANd Erika S. innn Salisbury,NC! :)

My favorite would be Red Letters from their Supernatural album.
--- Hugh H., of Mount Airy, NC

Mine is "Time Is"!
- Rebekah H., Mount Airy, NC

colored people

Cody Jones Mount Airy