"To everything (turn, turn, turn), there is a season (turn, turn, turn)..."

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Okay, don't worry that Crossroad Radio has decided to go with a 60's format. XR is still committed to bringing you the best in Christian rock, rap, and everything in between - from today!

Still, there are some changes in the works. After 9 years as the host and producer of XR, Deke made his last appearance on last Friday's show. He's moving on to a new chapter in his life as God has opened the door for him to work with children at his church. I'm definitely going to miss him but I know that God is going to bless this move because Deke knows that this is what he was called to and is walking in obedience to the calling. Deke was my introduction to both radio and XR specifically and I owe him a great debt. One thing that you may not know is that Deke has the gift of encouragement. When I first started on the show I made many mistakes (maybe that hasn't changed much :)). But Deke was always available to provide support and to say the right thing at the right time. Sounds like a small thing but it made a world of difference in my confidence and ability to do the show. It's one of the most blessed gifts to have given to you and he's been given it in abundance. Rock on Deke.

What does that mean for the show? Glad you asked (or let me ask for you I guess). Well, after almost three great years of serving as co-host and interview guy, I'm stepping up to the microphone on a regular basis as the host of XR and I couldn't possibly be more excited! I'm already working on some more great interviews, guest appearances, and giveaways. Pray for me as I take on this new challenge. One thing that definitely will not change is that XR will continue to be about making an impact on the lives of our listeners through the life-changing news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So to all our listeners who are reading this, thank you. You are why I do this show. Since most of you found out about the transition I've received nothing but encouragement from you. I look forward to being your host for XR (and blogging more often - sorry about that) as long as God tells me to do it!


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