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This morning I was reading several of the blogs I subscribe to and found an article about the band Family Force 5. I decided to take a look and see what it was all about and was pretty upset with what I found. The blog post was mostly a letter that had been written by a girl who was trying to figure out the where the band was spiritually and so she wrote an email asking "how does someone become a Christian." This is the response:

Thanks for the cool question! The answer is easy, yet difficult: Here’s the easy (and true) answer: LOVE!

The best way to experience the message of Christ is by loving those in need, caring for others, and being selfless!

Following the teachings of Jesus Christ is a beautiful and life-changing experience, and I hope it is something that interests you.

I’m not sure what your spiritual background is, or how you feel about Christianity, so I apologize if any of this is repetitive or old to you.

The truth is: there is no formula for spiritual enlightenment. There is no path, 5-step process, or secret. It’s like a relationship…you can’t teacha person how to fall in love with another. It happens differently for everybody. However, in the end, it is worth it.

Some important elements you should keep in mind are:

-ALWAYS question and seek growth. You will hear a lot of different messages = from Christians. Let your faith grow and change.

-Nobody will ever have all the answers. One of the most embarrassing things Christianity has done is that it often pretends to claim 100% knowledge of God and the universe. We are humans, and will never be all-knowing. That’s the beauty of God!

It is incredible if you can get involved in some type of church/community group/Bible study that challenges you and welcomes you.

If you’re interested, check out one or two of these books:
-Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell-anything by Marcus Borg (these are tough reads, but incredible ones)
-The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren
-The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne
-much more

Or, I like checking out the Mars Hill podcasts from Grand Rapids, MI. They’re free on itunes.

Take care, and I hope you continue to pursue the experience of Jesus. Just remember, although Christians have used the name of Christ to justify awful deeds in the past (and present), the heart of the message is love, liberation, peace, joy, justice, and equality!

Thanks,Chap Stique (click here for the full post)

Some of you may read that and see no issue, but let me explain the problem I have with this response. I am not judging Mr. Stique but I do question what Bible he is reading. He was set up with a very obvious and easy question about how to become a Christian and there was nothing ever mentioned about the Bible, Jesus's sacrifice, repentance and faith or being born again. Remember, Jesus said that in order for someone to enter the kingdom of God you must be born again (John 3). In fact, the message seems to indicate a work righteousness by loving each other and caring for the needy (all good things but not needed for salvation)

While I do agree that we can never have 100% knowledge of God and the universe (that would make us God) we have very clear and solid words from scripture about Him, who is is, what He requires and what will happen if you do not respond to Him. It is almost as if Chap is not really sure what he believes but knows it deals with Jesus and love...and this leads me to my last point.

The response concludes with a list of books he suggests (not one of them being the Bible). The issues is that these books are from people that are involved heavily (if not leading) the emerging church movement that has begun preaching heresy. Brian McLaren has said that the idea of Jesus being sent by God to die on the cross for the sin of man is divine child abuse. He has remade the orthodox teachings of Christ into a post-modern gobledy goop that is more about caring for mother earth than it is saving people from hell (a place McLaren does not think exists). While I know Rob Bell is another popular author he is an admited reader/follower of McLaren and more and more leans towards the emerging mindset - even questioning the Bible as the only truth from God (sola scriptura).

Please know that I am not trying to be a nit-picker, but I have a low tolerance for false-teaching and a gospel that is watered down (or not even there). No where in this message do we hear about the amazing grace of God to save men and women from the wrath of a holy God. It's almost like Chap Stique thinks you just "fall in love" with Jesus and suddenly you're good to go. Not only is this unscriptural it is misleading and I weep at the thought of kids reading and hearing this and being led astray by a false (or at least misunderstood) gospel.

What are your thoughts? Am I being too harsh or not harsh enough?

Regardless, I plan on pulling FF5 from the XR lineup until further notice. I cannot support a band who seems to be confused about what the gospel is. I know this may make people upset but I will have to answer to God for what I play and stand for and I plan on taking the oversized hulk gloves off on this one.

Your comments are welcome.

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You aren't being harsh at all. As I read his response to this girl's question I had an idea of where he was coming from and his referred book list confirmed it. These "emergent" authors all question the absoluteness of knowing and their theology is as stretchy as a rubber band.

The fact that Chap Stique couldn't tell this girl that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and that no one come to the Father but by Him is alarming. I hope these guys realize that life is more than just a party for God.

I guess I could have seen this coming since their lyrics are as clear as mud with no real biblical depth. I pray that they will see the truth and walk out of this emergent haze.


I totally agree with your analysis of this e-mail from FF5. It is not nit-picking and I commend you for standing boldly for the truth and being straight with your readers/listeners. Musicians aligning themselves under the moniker of Christian need to understand the enormity of the weight this privilege carries: they must ALL be committed to sharing the non-compromised Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Word of God and living it too. This means they cannot add to the message and thereby distort it, nor can they give it a bath in a socially acceptable cesspool of mumbo jumbo. I also think your decision to remove the tracks from the playlist rotation is wise considering the nature of this conflict. Thanks again!

Matt Hawkins
Pikeville, KY

You are 100% right on! What a crappy answer to a very easy question!! ARGH, how frustrating for me to think how many young people are so easily led astray and here's a band with influence not taking a clear stand on the issue of Jesus Christ as Savior.

I totally agree with you guys on this. Sounds like FF5 is just the typical liberal, "Christianity is just religion" kind of Christians. I was actually gonna buy one of their songs today, but not now. You can tell a tree by the fruit that it bears.

This response to the girl reminds me of Darin Hufford and the Free Believers Network. They make Jesus out to be more of a "buddy" rather than Lord.