Deke's Beat of the Week - Falling Up "Fangs"

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 12:47 PM

This week my beat of the week is actually the CD we gave away - Falling Up's latest journey into music land.  And a journey it is.

This CD has been touted as an "experimental" CD because it is actually based of a screenplay by Falling Up main man Jessie.  The CD takes you on a fanciful story through a land of kings and arrows.  And that is pretty much all I can understand from this CD.  I know this CD has gotten some good reviews and to some this may be their cup of tea but I just don't get it.  Here is the 411 (lingo for you hip kids out there).

MUSICALLY: The CD does sound like Falling Up.  With beautiful ambience and music, Falling Up does paint us a picture of this land and the adventure taking place.  Unfortunately, it does not make for entertaining those who want to hear the hooks and the sounds of their past works.  In fact, it seems that the normative things that make a great song (or album) are not used in order to "experiment."  This may be a cool idea and I know some people will enjoy this new sound, but I just didn't feel it.

LYRICALLY:  This is first and foremost a story in song form.  That being said there is no real biblical grounding to the CD.  Like a Tolken book - you can infer truths from the story (if you understand it) but there is nothing blatantly obvious.  That is all well and good since I don't think the intention of the guys in Falling Up is more than to relay an intriguing story.  

CONCLUSION: While I admire their desire to do something different and new in Christian music, I personally do not understand it.  It may be that this is just not my thing (and I'm cool with that).  Since much of music is subjective I will leave the final conclusion to you.  If you do have the CD I would love to hear your thoughts.  Good?  bad?  Indifferent?  Let me know.


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I have to agree with your review. While "Fangs" is not the trainwreck that I expected it to be, it's not nearly as amazing as "Captiva" (my favorite CD by Falling Up). I think this is an interesting concept for a CD, but the storyline gets lost along the way, making this a listening experience similar to the Fray where the lyrics are irrelevant and it's merely for background noise.