Deke's Beat of the Week - Five Iron Frenzy

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 10:10 AM

This week I reach back into the 90's with my Beat of the Week.  Back when I was in high school a band was hitting it big in Christian music and me and several friends fell in love with the horns and guitar riffs of the often insane - Five Iron Frenzy.

With album titles like Our Newest Album Ever and Upbeats & Beatdowns Five Iron Frenzy made a great mark on Christian music.  In fact you can hear the lead man Roper in the latest addition to Crossroad Radio, Brave Saint Saturn.  

I would have to say that my favorite album of their (many many) albums was Quantity Is Job #1 for many reasons, including the fact that they have several short songs about pants (yes...those things that cover your legs).  But my favorite song of theirs (and it too is on that CD) is called Dandelions and is the story of a boy who hands dandelions to his mom seeing it as a great gift when in truth it is nothing more than weeds.  Of course, the parallel is the fact that we give our lives to the Lord but our lives are nothing to really celebrate and yet the Lord rejoices in the one lost, dirty soul that comes to Him in repentance and faith.  Check the song out for yourself here:

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