Deke's Beat of the Week - Videos

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 7:52 AM

Once again my beat of the week takes an odd turn.  The fair may be over, but over the past week I have been staring into the iMac at work for loooooooong periods of time in order to create videos for the WBFJ website.  

Because of this intense focus and my inability to do more than one thing at a time I have not had too much time to listen to anything outside the norm.  I have still been listen to the 33 Miles CD and during my workouts I have been enjoying some Run Kid Run, but nothing new has crossed my ear drums.

So this week I simply state videos as my beat of the week.  In particular I have been focused on fair videos.  I have been so focused, in fact, that when I would wake up in the morning I would be running through the 2 hours of footage in my head wondering what would go good here and what music should coincide with this shot..etc.  Don't get me wrong, this kind of OC behavior is fun to me and I thank the Lord for the ability to do it.

So if you have not had a chance to watch my beat of the week check it out.  You can see the XR fair video a couple posts below and I am posting the actual fair video directly under this post so you can see what 2 hours of footage, 3 days of editing and LOTS of coffee can produce.  

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