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My beat of the week this week may surprise you. After much thought I am picking the colorful and very odd named fellows in Family Force 5.  While I may not see eye to eye with the brothers 5 I have been listening to their CD quite a bit and thought I would share with you my thoughts.

FF5's latest release, Dance or Die, is the bands latest attempt to go outside the box of Christian music and deliver a mix of music and lyrics that both entertains and pushes the envelope.  To this I would have to say that they have

As I placed the earbuds into my aging ear canal (I am almost 30 you know) I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Then to my pleasant surprise the title track popped through my iPod and I was grooving.  Yes I can say grooving because the first track is a catchy 80's sounding dance tune that had my foot tapping and head bobbing.  This song also set up the lyrical tone of the entire CD (more on that in a moment).  So after I a pleasant trip down 80's lane I awaiting track 2...

...and from there I lost interest.

I think one of the reasons I lost interest in the CD is the fact that the whole CD hangs on the assumption that you will get the allegory that is ALL THROUGH THIS ALBUM.  Here is the premise:


So when the title track says "dance or die" it really means what it says.  If you stop dancing than you are dead.  This continues throughout the songs like "Get Your Back Off The Wall" which (I guess) is a call for everyone to REALLY live.  Then the next track, "Rip It Up", tells the story of a girl who can really dance...which means she is REALLY living.  Of course the first radio release, "Fever", is describing (in less than glorifying terms) the singers "dance" with God (note: this is according to the bands own admission).  And songs like "Party Foul" and "Wake The Dead" talk about kicking people out of their party (which I assume means their life) because they turned down his stereo and mock older people who don't like FF5 music.

After listening to this CD several times through I have to say that I was a bit disappointed.  With the wild success of their first release, I think this is a sophomore softy.  There are a few catchy tracks like the title track and Radiator (which I think is a song about Christ's return...maybe) but beyond that I would have to say the lyrics get in the way.  I think it may be that Family Force 5 is too gimmicky for their own good.

There are many who may think I am off base and that this is the best thing since sliced cheese, and that's fine.  I do hope that the guys would tighten their lyrics and make a bold statement for Christ and then maybe I can go through my party (life) dancing (living) to some uplifting and God honoring music from Family Force 5.

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