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The fair is over and most of us here at WBFJ (and Crossroad for that matter) are slowly getting back to normal.  With that said, I thin kit is time to post my beat of the week from last weeks show.

My beat is from a band that you will NOT hear on Crossroad or even XR Light.  In fact you may not hear their new stuff on WBFJ but chances are good they will be coming to a country station near you.  The band is 33 Miles and their latest CD, One Life, is a very refreshing Christian Country album.

As many of you know Dave and I have a very broad range of musical likes.  We enjoy the music of Disciple but can switch gears and listen to Caedmon's Call in the next moment (we're just weird like that).  The reason I have enjoyed this CD so much is the greatly improved sound.  The guys have created a CD that is musically in step with artists like Rascal Flatts, yet has the deep (and theologically sound) lyrics that we love to see in Christian music.

One of my favorite tracks is one titles, Just One of Those Days, this is a humorous song about a guys journey through a day of hardships from being late to work to having his identity stolen.  The chorus then rings out this awesome truth:

It's just one of those days, when everything's right.  God is in His heaven and I'm walking in the light.  So Hallelujah anyway!  It's just one of those days, you look at the sky.  You throw your hands up and you laugh at life.  So Hallelujah Lord be praised - it's just one of those days.

So whether it's a fast paced song like Something Different which is a comment on a friend who's life has been changed due to Christ or a beautiful country style ballad like I Loved You Then that reminds us that Christ loved us before time began, this CD is one for my top ten this year.

If you like country music and you love God honoring lyrics - then you will enjoy the latest release from 33 Miles, One Life.

PS:  You can see the guys from 33 Miles perform in the gazebo on the latest WBFJ video.  CLICK HERE

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