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This week my Beat of the Week is a flash back for all of us who grew up with Christian music.  One of my first tapes (you remember those rectangular magnetic tape filled contraptions...right?) was DC Talk - NuThang (for those who do not know...DC Talk includes TobyMac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max).

I loved rap growing up and was a bit obsessed with 102 Jams (back before lyrics were too bad) and my dad decided to get me some rap that was new on the Christian music scene.  Since then I have been hooked on DC Talk.  Well that love for DC Talk is now being passed down in the Deke household to my oldest daughter. 

It all started when we were in the car the other day a
nd the kids wanted to listen to TobyMac but for some reason his music did not transfer to my iPod.  I told the girls not to fret because I had
 some old-school Toby that I know they would like.  So I clicked on DC Talk moved to the Free At Last Album and cranked up Jesus Is Still Alright.

I watched as my two girls (and even my little David) stared in disbelief as their dad flawlessly rapped out the rapid fire lyrics and soon t
hey caught the bug and began singing (at least the chorus) and dancing in their seats.  It was a moment in Deke family history...the moment my kids were hooked on DC Talk. 

This past week there have been several times that I have cranked up Free at Last of even Supernatural and remembered days gone by when life was simpler and guys could wear weird clothes and get away with it.  

So this week my pick of the week is not necessarily a CD but a group...and not just any group but one of the most influential groups in Christian music history - DC Talk.  you can check out all their music at or find them on iTunes.  The guys may be doing their separate things (I'm sure you've heard Toby on the radio) but their impact as a group will remain.

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