Are You An Internet King?

Posted by WBFJ | | Posted on 11:48 AM

This week our good buddies (I can say that because they were on the show before they made it big) Rhett and Link released their latest video simply title The Internet Overdose Song.  

Because I am bit tech geek and love all the latest gizmos and cool sites online I am very moved by this song.  Yes I have 3 YouTube accounts, 2 uStream accounts, a Facebook account with two groups I manage.  I also Twitter and Blog (obviously) and create fun music and graphics for my phone on Myxer.  On top of that I manage the Crossroad, WBFJ and various other websites.

You see...I have no record of all my usernames and passwords but somehow remember them.  I actually get a kick out of edited html and spend more time poking people on Facebook than is necessary.  I am a geek - plain and simple.  If you are one too (or like to laugh at those of us who are) you'll enjoy this great video from Rhett and Link (

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